Prestari Servicii MI-TU-HAZ LLC is a company with private capital, founded in 1992 by the owners, Imre Sándor and Ildikó Imre. The mustard's traditional recipe, which was invented in 1990 by the talented expert Badi Master, happens to be the mustard with the best taste in the Târgu Secuiesc region (Covasna county). Taking over the original recipe, unchanging the proper composition and the mustard's original content until the present day, the consumers remained loyal to the Master's product. Today Mustard Badi, can be purchased in many shops in Covasna county, Bucharest and also in foreign stores in Hungary (in all Auchan stores and soon will be found in the CBA stores) in four varieties (with horseradish, sweet, with honey and hot), and in various packaging from 200 g, to 270 g, 450 g and 1000 g.

Our products are renowned for their natural taste character, and our team is continuously looking to create a fresh, natural and a quality product.

No matter in what form it is - flower, seed, spice, oil or powder - the mustard can give flavor to anyones life.

Sekler Product

Mustard Badi is certified and trademarked as a Sekler Product since 2011. By obtaining this trademark, Mustard Badi was recognized part of the Sekler authentic cuisine. By registering as a Sekler Product , the founders have opened a window for placing the products into domestic and overseas stores, putting on the Europeans consumers' table the result of the Sekler householders work. By advertising the Sekler product with tourism offers of our regions, in domestic and abroad trade fairs, we are contributing to the creation of new local production units in Sekler Land.

Road to USA

In some cultures of the world, the mustard is considered the "king of spices", which is why the National Mustard Museum from Middleton, Wisconsin, United States designated the first Saturday of August as the National Mustard Day, and since 1991 was officiated each year until the present day.

Mustard Badi is the only mustard, in the Romanian industry, which is present since 2013 in the National Mustard Museum from Middleton, Wisconsin. All products from the range of Badi products are characterized by the fact that the main ingredient is mustard seed. Their perfect preservation is obtained naturally with vinegar, made from old wine fermentation.